Fitting instructions:

Our partner, Rötheli Racing, have made a video showing the brace and installation – the brace can also be purchased through Rötheli Racing.

Toyota GR Yaris
Front Lower Strut Brace

Chassis stiffness is essential to optimize the performance of your suspension, keeping the tires in contact with the road and reducing lap times.

On the Yaris GR, the lower front subframe is U-shaped, which inherently is flexible – Closing the U-shape with a brace stiffens up the structure.

Mounting a traditional tube section brace would affect the underfloor performance. Therefore, the TDE front lower strut brace has been developed to be slim and aerodynamic – hugging the underside of the body.

Kit Includes:

  • Aerodynamically shaped brace
  • Countersunk bolts
  • Stepped nuts that locate and lock the brace in place

Note: The kit does not have CE/TÜV approval.

Price for complete kit only €150 + VAT