Titanium hardware

Titanium is an exceptional material for fasteners, not only is it stronger than steel but it also exhibits several other great properties including corrosion resistance and being lightweight. At TDE we use Titanium fasteners wherever possible, including the bespoke CCM brake kits. Most hardware is cross drilled to allow the use of lockwire.

We stock a variety of standard hardware, such as wheel nuts, but we can also attain custom hardware by demand. We also offer several other components made in titanium, such as brake bad spacers.


Lightening kit - Unsprung weight

Maximize your suspension performance by reducing the unsprung mass, the kit includes:

  • 4x M16 flange bolts with wirelock                                                     €32,00
  • 4x M16 flange nuts with wirelock                                                      €16,00
  • 20x M12 lug nuts (hex or 12pt head)                                                €22,70
  • 4x Caliper bracket bolt                                                                              €22,70

Brake Pad shims

Titanium brake pad shims reduce the risk of boiling your brake fluid, leading to more consistent braking. We offer two thicknesses to allow for pad wear:

  • 1mm shims                                                                                                       €18,70
  • 4mm ventilated shims                                                                               €65,30


7075 Aluminium spacers with Titanium studs and bolts – a VERY light weight option for increasing your track width.

  • 1 set of 4 20mm spacers                                                                          €572,00

Mazda MX5 NC

Lug Bolts or Nuts

A quick way of loosing some unwanted unsprung mass

  • Hex or 12pt head lug bolts                                                                             €32,00
  • Hex or 12pt head lug nuts                                                                              €22,70