Long term savings with Lithium Phosphate battery.

Majority of track day enthusiasts overlook the benefits of featherweight lithium batteries, due to the higher purchasing price without thinking of the long-term savings.

The use of lithium batteries in cars is increasing rapidly. Old-school lead-acid batteries are being replaced by lithium power batteries to improve charge and discharge performance, save weight, save space, increase lifetime and avoid Pb (lead) in the environment. TDE offers ultra-light, robust, maintenance-free Super B batteries, which promise a long lifespan and offer high discharge rates. Track day vehicles spend most of the time in storage, where traditional lead acid batteries if left unattended will discharge rapidly leading to permanent damage. Even if disconnected, due to the poor internal resistance characteristics, a lead acid battery will eventually discharge itself to a point of permanent damage.  Charging a dead lead acid battery back to life, will never bring it back to factory cranking capacity. By the time one has replaced 2-3 lead acid batteries, a high-qualitylithium battery would still be cranking strong to factory specs. In other words, what seems to be a costly upgrade will end up saving you weight and money.  TDE recommends the state of the art Super B lithium batteries, together with our other products. Smaller packaging offers important real estate for optimal charge piping, while shaving of weight in some of the most important areas since the batteries are often mounted in front of the front axle.

Super B uses the safest lithium technology available: Lithium Iron Phosphate (LiFePO4). Thorough testing of all our lithium batteries is carried out in accordance with current legislation and we meet all relevant type approvals like UN 38.3.  

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